Buying Tyres — Is it Better to be Cheap, or to Splurge

When you need new tyres on your 4wd, you probably want to know if it’s worthwhile to splurge on a more expensive set. A trip to a local tyre shop will leave you with a variety of options and price points; with the rising cost of insurance and fuel, you may be looking for other ways to save. Before deciding which tyres to buy, you should consider the effects of discount tyres on the performance and safety of your vehicle.



Your car’s tyres are one of its most important safety features. Even the best brakes and traction control systems are only as effective as the tyres’ traction. Tyre quality affects your car’s braking distance; a higher-quality tyre can get you stopped quicker than a cheaper alternative. Tyre price and quality can mean the difference between having an accident and avoiding one.

Lifespan and Performance

By paying a bit more for your tyres, you’re also paying for the R&D that’s gone into the tyre itself. A tyre’s materials determine its quality – premium tyres are made to be more durable, and they offer greater steering precision and fuel economy. Cheaper tyres typically wear more quickly and require frequent replacement.

Paying more for a better tyre means that you’ll get a set that’s better suited to the roads you drive, and to the way you use your vehicle. Try to find tyres that strike a balance between traction, ride quality, lifespan and low noise.

Your Budget

There are so many different tyre brands available in Australia, and at so many price points, that it can be difficult to make the right choice. It’s important to keep in mind that a low price is often associated with a shorter lifespan and decreased durability. By buying cheaper tyres, you’ll lull yourself into a false sense of economy, and you’ll replace your car’s tyres more often. Like many other things in life, with tyres, you really do get what you pay for.