Considerations to Make When Shopping for New Tyres

Your 4wd’s tyres are a very important component – after all, tyres are the only part of your vehicle that comes into contact with the road. Tyres assist in turning, acceleration and braking, among other things. There are a variety of tyre options for every kind of vehicle, which can make it difficult to select the right set. Here, you’ll learn which factors you should consider when selecting tyres for your car or 4×4.


Tyre Size

When choosing new tyres, the most important consideration is size. If the tyre doesn’t fit your wheel or your wheel well, it’s useless. Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the correct tyre size.

Tread Type

A tyre’s tread is the part that gives your vehicle traction. There are different kinds of tyre tread, and each is suited to different road and weather conditions. There are tyres for use in the snow and mud, there are off-road tyres, and all-season tyres. Specialized tyres work best when used as intended, but all-season tyres are good for everyday driving. Different kinds of tyres have varying lifespans, and the longer a tyre lasts, the more expensive it usually is.

Ride Smoothness

The width of the tyre’s sidewall can have a substantial effect on ride quality. The sidewall doesn’t touch the road; tyres with stiffer, shorter sidewalls typically offer a bumpier ride. Some buyers want the sleek looks of low-profile tyres, but they must be willing to give up ride quality.

Speed Rating

Most of us would like to push our vehicles to their limits, but the majority of drivers don’t need to spend extra for high-speed tyres. If you’re taking your car to the track, however, be prepared to spend more for a set of tyres with a higher speed rating.

Noise Levels

Some treads are noisier than others. If you do most of your driving at low speeds, tyre noise isn’t a factor, but if you do a lot of driving on highways you should look for a quieter tread and brand.

It can be difficult to choose the right tyre, and your decision will likely come down to how you drive your vehicle. If you need answers to tyre-related questions, ask an expert for help and advice.